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BUSS Kneader Technology
Engineered Compounding

BUSS Kneader Series MX
High-end compounding technology
for high-grade cable compounds


BUSS Material Handling and
Engineered Compounding Systems


BUSS Kneader Series quantec G3
High-end compounding technology
for PVC Pelletizing

quantec G3_EN_Icon

Laboratory Kneader MX 30
The Laboratory Kneader MX 30 is a compact compounding line for R&D, process optimization and customer sampling.

ICON MX 30 Flyer

Laboratory Kneader PCS 30
The PCS 30 is a compact small-
scale compounding extruder for
R&D, colour matching and sampling

PVC Pelletizing
Cost-effective compounding
and pelletizing of PVC

Cable Compounds
Economical Preparation
of Cable Compounds

PVC Calender Films
Calender Feeding

Powder Coatings
Economical Preparation
of Powder Coatings

Food Industry
BUSS Kneader
for the Food Industry

BUSS Kneader Series KX
High-end compounding technology for the aluminium industry

BUSS Service

BUSS Full Service
Greater productivity and plant availability over the entire product
life cycle

MKS Tuning Kit
Intake optimisation
through 4 flight technology


Throughput up, Costs down
The new quantec G3 is the third generation of this BUSS Kneader series.
quantec G3

Buss Kneader for Cable Compound
The MX Series represents a new generation of Kneaders for compounding of temperature and shear sensitive compounds.

The First of its Kind
It took a year for the world's biggest compounding line for PVC cable compound to be built in the Netherlands.
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General Conditions of Sale (GCS)

General Conditions of Sale
Export 10.2006