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Operating principle 

Operating principle of the BUSS Kneader

The BUSS Kneader is a singlescrew type machine. Its distinguishing feature is however a special operating principle whereby the screw shaft oscillates axially once per revolution in sinusoidal motion generated by a synchronized drive.

The characteristic kneading flights on the screw shaft interact with fixed kneading teeth or kneading bolts inside the Kneader barrel so that the various ingredients are sheared between them much more directly and rapidly than with other systems. Furthermore, the oscillating screw shaft ensures intensive mixing in the axial direction through repeated product separation, folding and reorientation.

This unique operating principle results in outstandingly good distributive mixing thanks to optimal distribution of the product components. That is particularly important if the melt viscosities and ranges of the various components vary widely, and if liquid ingredients or high proportions of fibres or fillers have to be incorporated.

The dispersive mixing effect is also more efficient than with other systems, because there is no risk of product damage due to pressure peaks or high radial pressures. After each shear cycle the matrix depressurizes by expanding into neighbouring ducts for separation, folding and reorientation before the next shear cycle. Among the notable benefits of this system are the extremely low processing length/diameter ratios, the short residence times, and significantly lower product temperatures by comparison with other systems. Another important advantage is the high degree of self-cleaning.


BUSS Kneader Technology