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Buss Credo 

Buss Credo

As an internationally active company with financially sound and long-term oriented owners, we supply our customers with innovative, high quality products and services meeting their market needs.

In the area of technologically demanding mixing and compounding, we aspire to global leadership in clearly defined niche markets. In our other activities, we aspire to be among the leading market players. We aim for high market shares as a precondition for our long-term business success.

We ensure customer proximity through local sales and service presence in our main markets. We focus at all times on customer benefit, both in thought and deed.

We uphold prudent, responsible management by example setting, motivation and partnerly negotiation. We offer attractive employment conditions with market-conform performance-oriented remuneration and up-to-date social benefits. We promote the personal and professional development of our employees by assigning them suitably challenging tasks and providing them with appropriate training. In return, we expect from them high performance and an integral approach to overall relationships.

We place high priority on upholding an impeccable image through exceptional performance, unwavering fairness, and good relations with all our partners. We pay due attention at all times to environmental aspects.

We regard appropriate profitability as indispensable both for our financial independence and for meeting our obligations toward all stakeholders: customers, employees, investors and the public in general.